Welcome to Black Point Environmental

Black Point Environmental, LLC (BPE) is an environmental consulting firm based in Scarborough, Maine. Donald C. McFadden, C.G., the company president and principal geologist and environmental scientist has 16 years experience working in the field of environmental consulting. Mr. McFadden formed BPE in the spring of 2010 and worked for 15 years prior for three successful consulting firms in Southern Maine and Eastern Massachusetts. Mr. McFadden is a Maine Certified Geologist, and has professional development in disciplines ranging from environmental due diligence to indoor vapor migration.

BPE provides consulting services to consultants, aggregate producers, engineers, lending institutions, law firms, commercial real estate brokers, and general industry throughout Maine. BPE has the ability to suite a wide range of environmental needs, from desk-top reviews to full-scale hydrogeologic investigations. BPE is dedicated to providing personalized, high quality service to our clients. Our small size and broad experience allows us to efficiently satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele.

At BPE, we provide consulting services using a tiered approach to our client’s environmental needs. The goal is to provide our clients with the necessary services without engaging in unnecessary and costly environmental work.